How Much Does a Covered Outdoor Kitchen Cost? [3 types]

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how much does a covered outdoor kitchen cost?
How much does a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

Creating an enclosed outdoor kitchen in the backyard is the most convenient of all options. Even though covered outdoor kitchen cost is substantial nothing says relax like covered outdoor entertaining area.

An average nationwide cost of a covered kitchen is $21,716. The price depends on the type of cover:

  • an outdoor kitchen with pergola costs on average $16,150,
  • an outdoor kitchen with gazebo costs on average $19,500,
  • an outdoor kitchen with a patio enclosure costs on average $29,500.

An average cost is some sort of a benchmark. While considering specific options it’s worth getting into details. What influences the budget most? How to pick a perfect solution for a specific backyard? How to set a budget?

How much does a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

To figure the covered outdoor kitchen cost it is important to take these 5 factors into consideration:

  • roofing type,
  • size,
  • finishes,
  • type of appliances,
  • utility lines,
  • location.

Each of these factors plays a significant role in the final budget. They’re also related to each other, as for example: placing a kitchen afar from the house will increase the budget on: appliances and utility lines. Putting an outdoor kitchen next to a house will save money on utility connection, a number of appliances, and very often roof.

There is one factor though that cannot be changed: labor value in your area. It varies a lot depending on the state, or even a county. Not a lot can be done with this factor unless you’re going to find a crew from outside which is going to work for you.

Let’s concentrate on what can be influenced in a covered outdoor kitchen cost. At the end of this post, you’ll find exact quotes fellow outdoor chefs had to pay for their oases.

How much does an enclosure type influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

How much does an enclosure type influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?
How much does an enclosure type influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

There are 3 most common enclosure types for an outdoor kitchen: pergola, gazebo, and roofing. To figure which one works best for your location it’s worth making an analysis. Basically depending on your state’s climate, it can be nice to have, or a must. If you live where it rains a lot or snows, some sort of coverage is going to be needed to keep the precious appliances up and running.

While choosing coverage for an outdoor kitchen not only function plays a role, but also a budget.

Pergola$300 – $15,000
Gazebo$300 – $20,000
Roof$7,000 – $11,000

Pergola is an amazing choice everywhere where the main issue is too much sun. It’s going to work amazing in states with low rain/ snow levels, like Nevada, Arizona, or Wyoming (the full list is available here). With canopy, it can protect an outdoor kitchen area from rain, but it is not the best type of coverage for water pouring from the sky.

Gazebo not only looks great, but also protects an outdoor kitchen from sun, rain, and snow. As a very universal solution can be basically used in every state. It also gives an opportunity to match the house look in the backyard. Usually, gazebos work better on bigger lots, as they take a substantial amount of space. It’s worth remembering, that the outdoor kitchen gazebo should be either high or have ventilation.

Adding a roof to the patio might be actually the most budget-friendly option. Even though this is the most expensive type of covering it leads to savings on everything else: appliances, finishes, utilities, and more. A roof over patio gives similar protection to the gazebo but gives the convenience of an indoor-outdoor experience.

It is always cheaper to build roofing on your own, as 30 – 40% of its budget is labor. It is not always a great idea though, because the longevity of structure is strongly affected by the quality of work. If you’re a DIY guru, or if the structure is inexpensive, going with a personal project seems to be an amazing money-saving plan.

How much does a size influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

How much does a size influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?
How much does a size influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

There are basically 3 size categories for outdoor kitchens: small, medium, and large. Type depends on the length expressed in the linear foot.

Total lengthup to 10′16′20’+
Includesgrill, cooktop, sink, storagegrill, cooktop , sink, storage, fridgegrill, cooktop, sink, storage +
Price$3,000 – $7,500$4,800 – $12,000$6,000 – $15,000

The price of an outdoor kitchen is proportional to its length. If you ask a contractor how much your project is he is probably going to multiply the length by $350 – $750 (depending on finishes and your location). This amount of money buys framework, finish, countertops, and the floor surface.

Sizing is actually a pretty important subject at the very beginning of outdoor kitchen designing. If you wish to have multiple appliances it can be impossible to fit them into a few linear feet. Each appliance needs to have additional free space added on sides, so it’s possible to conveniently use it. E.g. a grill should have an additional 24″ of free space on one side, and 12″ on the other.

I created a full post on dimensions of an outdoor kitchen (right here). Besides these numbers, it’s worth knowing how to plan outdoor kitchen zones and which can fit your project (more on zones designing here). It’s a complex subject as not only zones have to include specific appliances, but also should be placed next to each other in a specific order.

How much do finishes influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

How finishes influence covered outdoor kitchen cost?
How finishes influence covered outdoor kitchen cost?

Finishes massively influence the final budget of the covered outdoor kitchen. Natural finishes look great but come with the price tag. Let’s look a bit closer.

Stucco$3- $6 per sq. ft.
Manufactured stone$15 – $25 per sq. ft.
Brick veener$15 – $25 per sq. ft.
Standard brick$25 – $35 per sq. ft.
Natural stone$25 – $45 per sq. ft.

The difference between stucco and natural stone can be more than $40 on each sq.ft.! You can do 35 sq. ft. of stucco or 1 of natural stone. With finishes prices that vary so much, it’s worth knowing the exact budget to be able to easily make choices that have to be made.

Countertops are another widely discussed part of an outdoor kitchen budget. I researched it a bit and if you’ll only capable of spending a bit more on a granite countertop it’s worth it. I made a hole guide on picking stone for an outdoor kitchen, that you can read here. It’s also worth knowing that concrete countertops might not do well in places with defined seasons.

Tile$10 – $20 per sq. ft.
Slate$65 – $115 per sq. ft.
Soapstone$70 – $120 per sq. ft.
Granite$45 – $200 per sq. ft.
Stainless steel$70 – $100 per sq. ft.
Concrete$60 – $70 per sq. ft.

Patio finishes also have a spectrum of prices. There is a massive difference between concrete and flagstone.

Concrete$6 – $10 per sq. ft.
Brick pavers5$ – $15 per sq. ft.
Flagstone$10 – $30 per sq. ft.

These are average prices for finishes. Data was gathered from 146 people who added an outdoor kitchen to their backyards. These numbers give somewhat an orientation in prices, but, as you can see, they vary a lot depending on quality and location.

Building the space on an existing patio saves a lot of money. If you have a patio that can be used as an outdoor kitchen it’s worth taking it into consideration.

How much the appliances influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

How much the appliances influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?
How much the appliances influence a covered outdoor kitchen cost?

The final budget of an outdoor kitchen can heavily depend on the chosen appliances. Why is it so? Picking appliances is one thing, but running utilities, that are necessary to use them, is another. In fact, the first thing to pay for while starting an outdoor kitchen construction is a permit.

So while talking about outdoor kitchen appliances cost we really do talk about three separate elements of the budget:

Appliances $2,000 – $5,000
Adding lines~$2000

Appliances and distance

Usually, the more distant an outdoor kitchen is from the house the budget is higher. Very often while installing a perimeter outdoor kitchen (so the one located close or even next to the house) utilities are already in place and it drastically cuts costs. Location impacts also the number of appliances. If an outdoor kitchen is close to an indoor one, it’s possible to omit sink, fridge, or burners.

The price of appliances depends on choices made by owners. If each appliance has to be high-end keeping up even to a hefty budget of $5,000 can be difficult. Usually, though, it is possible to keep it under $2,000.

What appliances are worth buying for a covered outdoor kitchen? Covering makes choices a bit more complicated, as you can fit anything you want in such a kitchen – from a TV and a sound system to a fully equipped bar, fridge, heating drawers, ice makers, and more.

If you think of your outdoor kitchen as in investment it’s worth adding a grill, side burner, fridge, sink, and storage, as these are elements home buyers are looking for in an outdoor kitchen. This is a pretty general rule. To figure what is going to work best for you it’s worth visiting neighbors and their backyards. Usually, the size and equipment of yours should be similar. If you live in a fancy neighborhood given list might not apply to you.

It is possible to cut costs on appliances. I researched this subject a lot and asked people around. It occurs plenty of covered outdoor kitchen owners buy an indoor TV or fridge and use it for up to 10 years outside. Indoor appliances are up to 10 times cheaper so it’s a trick worth considering.


Permits are another element of appliances’ budget. What can be done in your backyard usually depends on HOA or your local building department. Applying for a permit is usually necessary when:

  • your outdoor kitchen is placed close to property lines,
  • changes in gas, plumbing, or electrical have to be done.

Such permits usually do not cost much, but it’s worth adding $500 to a budget while planning.

Omitting permits is not a good idea. Even though at the moment of outdoor kitchen construction probably nobody is going to know it can change with time. Consequences are unpleasant – up to a demolition order. Also selling a house without proper documentation can be pricey, as fixing everything, later on, is way more expensive.

Utilities connection

Last, but not least pricey, an element of the list is adding electrical, gas, and plumbing lines. Professionals’ work costs a lot, which is worth taking into consideration especially when building a satellite kitchen (the one afar from the house).

Gas$20 per linear foot

Given prices depend on your location and distance from the existing line. While going low-key plumbing, for example, can be omitted. The same with gas. Picked solutions depend vastly on comfort levels and a budget.

What does an outdoor kitchen with pergola cost?

What does an outdoor kitchen with pergola cost?
What does an outdoor kitchen with pergola cost?

Pergola is a solution that can be used in some distance, but also close to the house. An invoice I’m going to present below is for 9×8 ft. counter and the pergola is 10×9 ft. It was created on existing flooring. The location of contractor is Florida.

Build Outdoor Kitchen L shaped with stone veener$6,200
Pergola$ 3,600
Appliances with installation: Bull Outlaw Grill, Bull under counter refrigerator,2 bull stainless steel doors, two vents$ 2,800
Granite countertops$1, 550
Plumbing$ 500
Electrical$ 500

If it’s possible it’s worth placing an outdoor kitchen close to the house. Very often you’ll be able to save on flooring, plumbing, and electrical. Also if you need to go with lower budget you can cut some appliances, as an indoor kitchen is close to the area.

Outdoor kitchen pergola lighting

Construction time is the best one to add proper lighting to pergola. Without proper light, it is not going to be possible to use the area conveniently after the sunset. Crucial are lights for a dining area and task lights for prep&cooking (as you really do not want to eat uncooked meat or burn yourself).

What does a gazebo outdoor kitchen cost?

What does a gazebo outdoor kitchen cost?
What does a gazebo outdoor kitchen cost?

An outdoor kitchen with a gazebo is quite a project. An invoice I’m going to share here is from Florida. The gazebo size is 20×20 ft. Pad is 22×27 ft. and the walkway is 8 ft. This is a pretty luxurious large outdoor kitchen, so one that is going to be more pricey no matter what.

Stamped concrete$4,000
Recessed lights and inner lights$400
Stone guy labor sand and material$4,100
6 Stone Pallets$1,500
Granite countertop$2,000
SUM $25,000

The effect looks amazing, but it comes with a price. To make it an investment you need to live in a residential neighborhood. Otherwise, you’re building something nice for your family, but it is rather not going to pay off in the future (unless you’re going to sell to huge outdoor kitchen fan).

Outdoor kitchen gazebo ceiling fans

Gazebo construction is a time to add all electrical lines. If you’re doing so do not forget to add ceiling fans. What they do is not only giving a breeze but also help to keep insects in a distance.

There are endless options with fans. They can have multiple functions. Some of them are equipped with lights, some are creating a mist. All of them can add a tone of style to the area and are worth incorporating in a design.

Gazebo lights

Gazebo construction is a time to add lights to the area. All sorts of lights. Things to consider at this point are task lighting for cooking&preparation, under counter lighting, dining/ bar area lighting, fan with a source of light, and path and stair lights. I created an entire post on it (here).

What does an outdoor patio kitchen cost?

What does an outdoor patio kitchen cost?
What does an outdoor patio kitchen cost?

Patio kitchen can be either the most or the least expensive. If flooring and roofing are in the place usually you’re going to have an inexpensive and easy to proceed with the project.

A design with an estimate below has small roofing, only above a part of an outdoor kitchen where burner and grill are built-in. It is 20 sq. ft. Deck was already in place.

Kitchen construction with grill, burner, sink, and storage$5400

The common size of roof is about 350 sq.ft. This is one that can fit an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Unfortunately, the overall cost is $14,000 – $17,500. In this price, range roof can have a much-wanted cathedral look.

It is important while construction to think of lighting, fans, and heaters, as it is a one-in-a-long-time opportunity to add some.

I hope this post helped you in getting orientation in covered outdoor kitchen costs. What is, in your opinion, the most important piece of information regarding budgeting for an outdoor kitchen with roofing? Share your point of view in the comments section.

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