Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions Made Easy [28 Informative Images]

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outdoor kitchen dimensions guide

Outdoor kitchen dimensions are key to designing a comfortable space that will be a pleasure to use. Actually, wrong spacing is the main reason for an outdoor kitchen remodel.

Outdoor kitchen dimensions are standardized numerical values that are essential for an outdoor kitchen design. They regulate aspects, like countertop depth, amount of the landing space on the sides of appliances, or space between a wall and sitting area, and all are listed below.

Designing with standardized dimensions helps each time deliver a convenient space and make the designing process easier. These numbers are not the same each time, as they can vary depending on the option (standard, luxury) and your height. Do you want to get to learn more? Keep on reading.

Outdoor kitchen counter dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: counter

There are at least 3 types of outdoor kitchen countertops: worktop, tabletop, and bar counter. Each of them has a different purpose and different dimensions as well. Below you’ll find a table with basic data.

WorktopTabletopBar counter
Standard height36″30″42″
Standard width8’+24″+ per person24″+ per person
Standard depth30″38″12″+
Standard overhang15″ (if used for seating)18″12″

Outdoor kitchen counter height

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: counter height

A typical outdoor kitchen counter height is 36″. To install a below-the-counter outdoor refrigerator countertop needs to be raised to 38″. This is the standard, but it will not work well for people higher than 6’1″ or lower than 5’2″. Take a look at this table.

Human heightCountertops’ height
4′6″ – 5′2″30 – 33″
5′2″ – 5′8″33 – 36″
5′8″ – 6′1″36 – 39″
6′1″ – 6′6″39 – 42″

More than one person uses an outdoor kitchen, and each of them can be in a different category. For example, I’m 5’5″, and my husband is 6’2″. We found a way to perfect counter height for both of us, and I wrote an article about this process that I highly recommend reading.


It is crucial to remember that the working counter needs to have a lower height than the distance between the bent elbow to the ground. This rule applies to all people who are going to cook.

Other outdoor kitchen countertops’ height

Worktop is usually the first countertop to design, but other options are like a tabletop or a bar counter. Their height is not regulated by personal height, but a chair size, as we use them in the sitting position.

Outdoor kitchen tabletop counter height

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: tabletop counter height

The tabletop counter height standard is 30″, but it can vary from 28″ to 31″, as outdoor chair height can vary from 17″ to 19″. The distance between the chair seat and countertop needs to be at least 9″ (for more convenience in can be raised to 13″).

Chair seat heightMinimal tabletop heightComfortable tabletop height

As chairs are an important part of a tabletop design, they can play a major role in creating convenience at sitting part of an outdoor kitchen. A thick tabletop, or one with a hanging counter, will rather work better with lower chairs.


Buying chairs before the construction is a wise idea because this move guarantees you have a comfortable space at the end of the process.

Outdoor kitchen bar height

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: bar height

The bar serving counter height is 42″, but it can vary from 40″ – 42″. The variation is an answer to different chair heights available on the market. On average, bar stools are 28″ – 30″ high, and the distance from the chair seat to the bar counter should be 9″ – 13″.

Chair seat heightCountertop height
28″40″ – 41″
29″40″ – 42″
30″40″ – 42″

It is a smart move to buy bar stools before building an outdoor kitchen, as you can create a perfect match in your backyard. With more space, you deliver more luxury.

Outdoor kitchen counter depth

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: counter depth

The standard depth of an outdoor kitchen counter is 30″. To accommodate a built-in grill, it may be necessary to increase a countertop depth to 36″ (the increase in depth depends solely on the built-in grill instruction). Counters without grill can be 24″ deep.


Therefore it is always worth picking appliances before construction.

Outdoor kitchen counter width

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: counter width

An outdoor kitchen counter width comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small is 10′ long and fits a grill, cooktop, sink, and storage. Medium is 16′ long and fits a grill, cooktop, sink, storage, and refrigerator. The large outdoor kitchen is 20″+ long with a variety of appliances.

Total lengthIncludes
Small10′grill, cooktop, sink, storage
Medium16′grill, cooktop, sink, storage, refrigerator
Large20’+grill, cooktop, sink, storage, refrigerator +

As you can see, the length of an outdoor kitchen depends on the number of appliances. A large outdoor kitchen is also created for multiple cooks. Appliances affect the width of an outdoor kitchen with their width and landing space (a free space) that has to be added on their sides. Below you’ll find a table with landing space guidelines.

ApplianceLanding space requirements
Grill24″ on one side, 12″ on the other
Cooktop12″ on both sides
Sink18″ on both sides
Refrigerator15″ of the open counter above
Pizza oven24″ on one side, 12″ on the other
Kegerator12″ on both sides

What is important about landing space is if appliances are combined, space between them must be calculated as multiplying the bigger number by 1,5.

So if the kegerator (18″ on both sides) is next to the sink (12″ on both sides), the distance between them should be 27″ (18″ x 1,5). Or if you work with a grill (12″ side) and cooktop (12″), the distance between them should be 18″. If the side of the grill you’re working with is 24″ of free space, the distance between a grill and a cooktop should be 36″.

Outdoor kitchen bar counter width

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: bar counter width
Outdoor kitchen dimensions: bar counter width

An outdoor kitchen bar width should be at least 24″ wide per person. To create a more luxurious space increasing this number to 30″, or even 36″ is a proper move. Below you’ll find a table with an outdoor kitchen bar width depending on the number of people seated and the comfort level.

Number of peopleBasic (24″)Delight (30″)Luxury (36″)

As you can see, a luxury setting takes a lot more space than a basic one, as it adds 30% to the final number.

Outdoor kitchen dining area width

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: dining area width

A dining area at an outdoor kitchen can be created out of a tabletop counter, a bar counter, a table with chairs, or all of the mentioned above, combined. To figure the best option for yourself, keep on reading.

An outdoor kitchen tabletop counter width

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: Tabletop Counter Width
Outdoor kitchen dimensions: Tabletop Counter Width

A tabletop counter width should be at least 24″ for each seated person. To increase a comfort level, this number can be increased up to 36″. There are three comfort levels: Basic (24″), Delight (30″), and Luxury (36″). This sort of counter can very often work as a table so that people can be seated on more than one edge of it.

Number of people at tabletop234
Basic (24″)48″72″96″
Delight (30″)60″90″120″
Luxury (36″)72″108″144″

These numbers apply when people are seated in a row. You can choose to seat people on multiple edged of the tabletop counter (it is widespread to use 2 edges of such a counter).

It is important to design well the space behind chairs/ or a counter and the nearest obstruction.

NeedDistance from nearest obstruction
No traffic32″
To edge past36″
Walk past unobstructed48″

An outdoor kitchen dining set

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: dining set width
Outdoor kitchen dimensions: dining set width

An outdoor kitchen dining area can consist of an outdoor table with chairs. Using movable furniture for such a function can have a lot of advantages. It is important to pick a perfect size and shape for a specific outdoor kitchen area, as furniture can take a lot of space. Please take a look at the chart.

Space sizeTable shapeTable sizeNumber of chairs
5′ x 9′square/ round36″2
9′ x 9′square40″4
9,5′ x 9,5′round42″4
9,5″ x 11′oval42″x60″6
10′ x 10′round48″6
11′ x 11′square/ round60″8
9,5′ x 14,5′ractangular42″x100″10


If a table with chairs is an additional dining spot for you, as your family is going to use a bar counter, buying a foldable table is a great idea. On the other hand, a table is your dining area of choice, but occasionally you serve more people, buying an extendable table is an option.

Outdoor kitchen countertop overhang (cantilever)

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: countertop overhang (cantilever)
Outdoor kitchen dimensions: countertop overhang (cantilever)

An outdoor kitchen counter that will be used to seat people should have an overhang of 12″-18″. The exact number depends on the height of a countertop. The higher it is, the less overhang is needed.

Bar CounterWork CounterTabletop Counter
Counter height40″ – 42″36″30″

Outdoor kitchen appliances dimensions

Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: appliances

Outdoor kitchen appliances usually have 2 types of dimensions:

  • actual appliance height, width, and depth,
  • cut out dimensions.

Cut out dimensions are usually a little bit bigger than appliances dimensions. Before any cuts, proper values need to be found in appliance instruction.

Finding out proper value is very important as a perfect fit increases an outdoor kitchen area’s longevity. This is the way to protect the inside of the cabinets from elements and insects.

Outdoor kitchen grill dimensions

There are 4 standard outdoor kitchen grill sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The smallest can serve a small family; the biggest is a purchase option for entertainment. Depending on the size height and depth change. Check the table below for more data.

Grill sizeGrill widthGrill depthGrill height
Smallup to 26″19.5″ – 26.5″11.5″ – 24.5″
Medium27″ – 33″24.125″ – 32.437″20″ – 29.5″
Large34″ – 42″25.5″ – 30.75″17″ – 32″
Extra-large43″+25.25″ – 32.73″23.45″ – 33.04″

The numbers in the table came from analyzing dozens of models. In each category, models that are higher/ lower than average can be found. What is crucial for grill installation is a cut-out dimension. These are usually slightly bigger numbers than grill dimensions and are placed in the grill instruction.

If you want to know more about grill before choosing one, please read my essentials blog post.

Big Green Egg Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: Big Green Egg diameter
Outdoor kitchen dimensions: Big Green Egg diameter

There are 7 Big Green Egg sizes: Mini, MiniMax, Small. Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2XL. Their grid diameter varies from 10″ (Mini) to 29″ (2XL). Big Green Egg height varies from 15″ (Mini) to 35,5″ (2XL). The smallest has 79 sq in the cooking area, while the largest has 672 sq.

SizeGrid diameterHeightCut-out

All of the data presented above was collected on the Big Green Egg website. They have a great assembly guide for every model. If you’re planning to install one of their products in your outdoor kitchen, it is definitely worth reading.

Outdoor kitchen burner dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: Burner width
Outdoor kitchen dimensions: Burner width

Outdoor kitchen burners, on average, have a width of 12″ – 13″. The depth is on average between 20,5″ – 23,5″. The height of burners depends on the type (slide-in or drop-in) and varies from 5″ to 12,5″. Side by side burners can have a width up to 28″. A burner should have 12″ of landing space on both sides for convenient use.

Outdoor burners’ width12″ – 13″
Outdoor burners’ depth20,5″ – 23,5″
Outdoor burners’ height5″ – 12,5″

Outdoor kitchen power burners’ width is most commonly between 15.75″ and 24″ depending on the model and producer. While adding a power burner to the outdoor kitchen design, it is important to remember to add 12″ of landing space (free countertop space) on both sides.

It is essential to read burner instruction, as it states the distance between the appliance and combustible materials. Often they cannot be used under overhead combustible construction.

Outdoor kitchen sink dimensions

Outdoor Kitchen Dimension: Sink Width
Outdoor Kitchen Dimension: Sink Width

An outdoor kitchen sink width is in the 14″ – 30″ range. The depth of an outdoor kitchen sink is in the 7″ – 27,25″ range. The height of an outdoor kitchen sink is usually in the 15″ – 22,125″ range. There are two types of sinks: a single basin and a double basin. Single basin sinks are much more common.

The most common outdoor kitchen sink sizes are: 15″ x 15″, 15″ x 17″, 15″ x 20″. It is important to remember that sink needs a landing space on both sides, which is 18″ of landing space on both sides. Therefore, adding a sink to an outdoor kitchen requires at least 50″ of counter width (for 14″ sink).

Sinks’ width14″ – 30″
Sinks’ hight7″ – 27,25″
Sinks’ depth15″ – 22,125″

Outdoor kitchen refrigerator dimensions

Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Refrigerator width
Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Refrigerator width

An outdoor kitchen refrigerator is on average 24″ wide, 26″ deep, and 34″ high. Width of an outdoor refrigerator can vary from as little as 14″ to as wide as 42″. There are multiple outdoor refrigerators available: refrigerator drawers, compact freezers, beverage coolers, wine coolers, ice makers, compact refrigerators.

It is crucial to leave 15″ of free counter space above the refrigerator in the design.

Outdoor kitchen width24″
Outdoor kitchen depth26″
Outdoor kitchen height34″

Outdoor kitchen kegerator dimensions

Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Kegerator Width
Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Kegerator Width

An outdoor kitchen kegerator is on average 24″ wide, 26″ deep, 34″ high. Even though given above dimensions are most common, it is possible to buy kegerators 15″ – 25″ wide. Size depends vastly on keg size, which is the sixth barrel for 15″ wide and up to a half-barrel for 25″ wide.

It is important to acknowledge that kegerators come in three types:

  • beer kegerators,
  • coffee kegerators,
  • wine kegerators.

A kegerator needs 12″ of landing space on both sides. This means the smallest will take 39″, and the widest is going to take 49″ of countertop space.

Outdoor pizza oven dimensions

Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Pizza oven

Outdoor pizza oven dimensions are crucial for convenient cooking. There are four factors to consider: dome diameter, height, width, and depth.

Outdoor pizza oven diameter

There are two types of the dome for outdoor kitchens: igloo and barrel. Most common igloo dome pizza oven sizes are: small (34″), medium (42″), and large (50″). Most common barrel dome pizza oven sizes: small (32″ x 36″), medium (35″ x 39″), and large (47″ x 59″). Small sizes work well for small families, medium for large families, large are restaurant size.

Igloo dome pizza ovenBarrel dome pizza oven
Small family34″32″ x 36″
Large family42″35″ x 39″
Restaurant50″47″ x 59″

Given numbers show internal diameter, so the cooking surface inside the pizza oven.

Outdoor pizza oven height

An outdoor pizza oven height is on average in the 65.5″ – 77.5″ range. Two factors make using a pizza oven convenient:

  • line of sight,
  • elbow height.

In other words, you should be able to comfortably view the inside of the pizza oven and also cook. The average best height from the ground to the oven floor is 39.24″ for women and 42.20″ for men (data are taken from here).

The most common base size for an outdoor kitchen pizza oven is 40″. Such one should work well for people from 5’4″ – 6’3″ high. Base height is the measurement from the ground to the top of the base (counter).

To make sure an outdoor pizza oven has a comfortable height for you, so you do not have to stoop while cooking, measure the height from your elbow to the ground.

It is crucial to be comfortable using a pizza oven, as making pizza requires a lot of standing. This means you can avoid back pain with a good design.

Outdoor pizza oven width

On average outdoor pizza width varies from 47″ to 70″. A small outdoor pizza oven with a 34″ dome has a total of 47″ width. Medium pizza oven with a 42″ dome has a total 58″ width. A large pizza oven with a 50″ dome has a total width of 70″.

Pizza oven sizeDome sizePizza oven width

Outdoor pizza oven depth

On average outdoor pizza oven depth varies from 49″ to 74″. A small outdoor pizza oven with a 34″ dome has a total 49″ depth. A medium pizza oven with a 42″ dome has a total 62″ depth. A large pizza oven with a 74″ dome has a total depth of 74″.

Pizza oven sizeDome sizePizza oven depth

Pizza oven distance to combustibles

The pizza oven dome should have at least 2″ clearance to combustibles from all sides of the oven dome and 16″ clearance to combustibles above the dome.

The stainless steel flue should have 30″ clearance to combustibles from all sides, and complete clearance above the flue maintaining a 30″ radius around it.

Outdoor kitchen range hood width

Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Range Hood Width
Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Range Hood Width

An outdoor kitchen range hood width varies from 36″ to 60″. The size of the vent hood comes from taking a grill or range width and adding 12″. A vent hood should be installed symmetrically. Below is the table with the most common sizes.

Grill width24″36″48″
Range hood width36″48″60″

Outdoor kitchen range hood mounting height

Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Range Hood Mounting Height
Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions: Range Hood Mounting Height

The outdoor kitchen range hood should be installed 36″ – 42″ above the grill or cooktop. The goal of this item is not only to take the smoke in but also, if not mainly, to reduce the fire hazard, as it directs the fire. For exact height, look in a cooktop/ grill manual.

Outdoor kitchen vent dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: vent

A vent needs to be installed every 4′ in an outdoor kitchen with a gas grill. If the grill runs on natural gas (NG), vents need to be installed as high as possible. If the grill runs on propane (LP), vents should be installed as low as possible.

Outdoor kitchen lengthNumber of vents
5′ – 8′2
9′ – 12′3
13′ – 16′4
17′ – 20′5

Outdoor kitchen cabinet sizes

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: cabinet size

Standard outdoor kitchen cabinets come in various sizes, from 9″ to 60″, in 3” increments. The standard outdoor kitchen cabinet depth is 27.875″. The standard cabinet height is 30″ with 4,5″ adjustable legs. Outdoor kitchen cabinets come in a variety of materials, out of which most common are stainless steel.

The smallest outdoor kitchen can be composed of 2 cabinets (for the grill and prep zone).

Outdoor kitchen access doors height and width

An outdoor kitchen access door’s average width is in the 18″ – 24.5″ range. Outdoor kitchen access doors height is on average in 27.38″ – 42.38″ range. They come as double or single doors. Access doors for gas tanks should be ventilated.

Below you’ll find a table with multiple access door examples. It is crucial to remember that cut-out dimensions are slightly smaller than the access doors dimensions.

HeightWidthCut-out heightCut-out width

L-shaped outdoor kitchen dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: L-shaped

L-shaped outdoor kitchen dimensions are 36″ high, 30″ deep, and 10’+ long. The length of an L-shaped outdoor kitchen depends on the number of appliances installed. On average, an outdoor kitchen that fits a grill, a cooktop, sink, storage, and refrigerator needs to be 16′ long.

U-shaped outdoor kitchen dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: u-shaped

U-shaped outdoor kitchen dimensions are 36″ high, 30″ deep, and 10’+ long. A U-shape is usually chosen for medium and large outdoor kitchens (16′ and 20′+). It is crucial to keep a distance between counters: minimum 36″ and multiple cooks 48″.

Outdoor kitchen island dimensions

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: an Island

An outdoor kitchen island standard dimensions are 36″ high and 30″ deep. An island is a great shape for small and medium outdoor kitchens. The smallest outdoor kitchen island can be 5’2″ long (for a 24″ grill, prep space, and landing space).

Outdoor kitchen backsplash height

Outdoor kitchen dimensions: backsplash height

A standard outdoor kitchen backsplash height is 4″. Most often, it is made from a slab that was used for a countertop. It is worth considering placing the backsplash on the space between the grill and range hood, 36″ – 42″ high.

I hope you found all the outdoor kitchen dimensions above useful. What dimensions were you looking for? Have you found everything here? Please let me know in the comment section.


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