63 Superb Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Covered, Stone, Bar, Pool)

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outdoor kitchen ideas covered stone bar  pool

Are you looking for outdoor kitchen ideas to create your own entertaining spot in the backyard? Here they are! In this article, you’ll find 87 ideas with pictures, a lot of inspiration, and tips.

Below you can find plenty of ideas divided into sections:

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Outdoor covered kitchen ideas

There are multiple coverage options for the outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining areas, like the roof, the gazebo, the pergola, the sail shade, the awning, and the umbrella.

1. Covered outdoor kitchen: a Florida room

covered outdoor kitchen in a Florida room
Covered outdoor kitchen in a Florida room

If you’re a fan of a view, but prefer to stay permanently in shade, having a patio covered from 3 sides is an excellent choice for you. Thanks to the amount of stone the design above looks really cool and inviting.

At any closed area what is going to be crucial is to add a hood above the grill. It not only takes a solid amount of smoke in but also directs a fire in case of an emergency (aka saves your patio).

2. Covered outdoor kitchen living room

Oh, what an inviting space they created here. It consists not only of a fully functional outdoor kitchen but also a sitting area!

What is worth knowing picking the wood type for an outdoor kitchen requires a bit of knowledge. Usually, the best choice for outdoors is an exotic wood, like ipe, teak, or tigerwood. For less hefty budgets good options are spruce and oak.

3. Covered outdoor kitchen patio

covered outdoor kitchen patio L-shaped room
A covered outdoor kitchen room

This traditional outdoor kitchen design fits in a Florida room. It is a fully functional kitchen, with a refrigerator, a sink, a grill with a hood, plenty of countertop space, and a dining area.

It is worth noticing, that walls and countertops are finished with the same tiles. It ties the space.

4. Outdoor kitchen room with a fireplace

outdoor indoor experience outdoor kitchen ideas inside
Outdoor kitchen room with a fireplace

This covered outdoor kitchen design is very clean and airy. I enjoy how the ceiling inside is coated with color, while the one on the patio is not. The patio room consists out of an outdoor kitchen divided into two parts (one with the grill and hidden hood, and one with the refrigerator), a fireplace, and a sitting area.

To create the indoor-outdoor experience they used similar colors as indoors outside, but in different balance (outdoor kitchen is darker from the living room). Worth copying, isn’t it?

5. Small covered outdoor kitchen on the patio

Small covered outdoor kitchen on the patio
a small outdoor kitchen on a covered patio

Not everybody needs a huge outdoor kitchen. Sometimes a small structure built-in a niche is going to be the best possible solution. There are so many advantages of this option: it saves plenty of space, does not take over the patio (it is still a lounging space), and works with a limited budget.

Such location though requires attention to details. First of all finish of the walls behind the grill and burner needs to be resistant to fire (here a stone). Second of all a hood is a must (in the picture built-in), it not only takes some of the smoke in but also directs the fire in case of an emergency.

6. Texan backyard outdoor kitchen with roof

Having an outdoor kitchen close to the house has plenty of advantages. The first one is lower construction costs, as utilities are usually already in place. The second one can be an already-in-place roof.

A personalized sign for an outdoor kitchen is a huge hit (you can order one here)

A sign on the wall can make an outdoor kitchen a truly unique and personalized space. I found an excellent manufacturer on Etsy who creates personalized signs for outdoor kitchens (check it here, they have nearly 18000 reviews and 5 stars average!). This can also be an excellent gift for somebody who plans to build an outdoor kitchen.

7. Covered outdoor kitchen on the patio

This Spanish house patio is simply amazing. It fits not only an outdoor kitchen but also a dining area and a fireplace (if you’re into outdoor fireplaces read this blog post). The 3 areas are separated from each other. If you’re concerned about smoke placing an outdoor kitchen in a distance from the dining area is a good idea.

8. Covered outdoor kitchen patio

covered outdoor kitchen wood cabinets
covered outdoor kitchen patio

Having an outdoor kitchen under the roof has plenty of pros. The main is: it increases the lifespan of cabinets and all the appliances.

A roof overhead makes it also possible to use an outdoor kitchen when it is windy or rainy (or even snowy), so it elongates the BBQ season.

9. Outdoor kitchen on the patio

stainless steel outdoor kitchen on a patio
stainless steel outdoor kitchen on a patio

If you enjoy a stainless steel outdoor kitchen this one can be a great inspiration for you. This island is made entirely from 404 stainless steel (except granite countertop). It surely is durable, and with a matt finish easy to clean.

10. Outdoor kitchen covered with a gazebo

covered outdoor kitchen: gazebo
covered outdoor kitchen: gazebo

Even though having an outdoor kitchen close to the house is a comfy option, sometimes placing it under the gazebo with a spectacular view is even a better one.

Take a look at this vaulted ceiling with recessed lights. It looks amazing and screams nature.

11. A gazebo with a covered outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas gazebo covered
country outdoor kitchen under a gazebo

This is a great solution for a country outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen in the picture is based in woods and it’s look resembles the location. It is simple, but a lovely space to spend time at.

12. Covered outdoor kitchen / swimming pool house

covered outdoor kitchen/ swimming pool house
Covered outdoor kitchen/ swimming pool house

How about adding plenty of function to the backyard instead of only an outdoor kitchen? Look at the building above. It gives shelter to an outdoor kitchen but can fit also a bathroom and storage for the swimming pool. As utilities are already in place adding a bathroom is easy.

13. Outdoor kitchen covered with gazebo

outdoor kitchen under gazebo
Small pool outdoor kitchen under gazebo

This simple gazebo is a great cover for a small pool outdoor kitchen. It is not over the top so you can get it in a reasonable price range. The great advantage of the gazebo located close to the pool is protection from the sun. It makes prepping and eating safer.

14. Patio outdoor kitchen with pergola

patio outdoor kitchen covered with pergola
patio outdoor kitchen covered with pergola

It is amazing how a pergola can bring shade to the outdoor kitchen area. Take a look at the picture above. A rustic style patio is covered with a rustic pergola. It adds shade not only to an outdoor kitchen, but also a dining area with a lovely chandelier.

As pergola is not a permanent roof a hood installation might not be necessary. The requirements depend on the grill model, so it is always wise to read instruction prior to installation.

15. Outdoor kitchen with a pergola

outdoor kitchen with a pergola
outdoor kitchen with a pergola

The design in the picture is so fresh and clean. It consists out of a small outdoor kitchen (under 10′) and a dining area covered with a wooden pergola. Two shades on the pergola really add to the style of the patio.

16. Outdoor kitchen under pergola

covered outdoor kitchen under pergola
Covered outdoor kitchen: pergola

This outdoor kitchen is entirely under the pergola. As grilling usually generates a fair amount of heat getting more of it from the sun is not really what you look for.

It is crucial to check in the grill instruction though how high the pergola above it should be installed.

17. Outdoor kitchen under the pergola with a canopy

Adding a pergola with a canopy to your outdoor kitchen is going to bring the space to another level of convenience. First of all you’ll receive more shade, but also it is going to protect you from other elements too.

An outdoor kitchen area on this patio is covered with a small roof. There are plenty of things to notice about this design like lighting, clean lines, finishes.

18. Outdoor kitchen and dining area under the pergola

outdoor kitchen on a patio ideas pergola

A pergola over the outdoor kitchen and dining/ sitting area, is not only providing shade, but also a space to install lighting and fans (I’m huge fan of fans in an outdoor kitchen area, as they not only help you to deal with smoke, but also keep flying insects away).

Thanks to lighting an outdoor kitchen can be used after sunset.

19. Patio outdoor kitchen covered with a sail shade

Patio outdoor kitchen covered with a sail shade
Patio outdoor kitchen covered with a sail shade

Not everybody wants to cover a lot with a permanent roof. This sail shade is an excellent solution to the problem. It does cover dining a prepping area but is not hanging over the grill (for safety reasons). Such covering does not block the light for the house interior, which is also important.

This outdoor kitchen with a kamado grill and a gas grill is really the ultimate space to cook outside. It has storage, a sink, a refrigerator, and a grill lamp. A grill lamp is super useful after sunset, as no cook wants to serve uncooked food, nor get burnt.

20. Deck outdoor kitchen covered with awning

deck outdoor kitchen covered with awning
deck outdoor kitchen covered with awning

This simple outdoor kitchen is built on a deck. As decks can only take as much weight as they can, it might not be possible everywhere to add a massive structure. On decks, it is also super important to not block the light for the interior of the house.

What they did here is cover the dining area of an outdoor kitchen with an awning. It is adjustable, so can be hidden while unused (or it’s windy), so it limits a light inside a little bit, but when it might be wanted.

21. Outdoor kitchen with a dining area covered by umbrella

stone patio outdoor kitchen with an umbrella
stone patio outdoor kitchen with an umbrella

The patio can also be a space you cannot add a roof over. In this picture, you can see the location of the outdoor kitchen is close to not one, but two windows. Adding a roof over the outdoor kitchen would take a lot of natural light from the house interior.

Instead, they added a shade with a simple umbrella to the dining area located next to the outdoor kitchen. The low-cost solution that works. It is important though to not put an umbrella over the grill, as it may catch the fire.

Stone outdoor kitchen ideas

Stone is an excellent material for an outdoor kitchen. It composes well with plants and wood, as it is a natural material. Most often stone is used for countertops, but it can also be a finish of the whole structure or a backsplash.

22. Stacked stone outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas stack stone
Outdoor kitchen ideas: stack stone

This lovely outdoor kitchen is finished with a stacked stone. Stone complements an exotic wood, from which fronts of cabinets are made of. I like how they decided to not mimic house elevation on the outdoor kitchen back.

It’s worth noticing they raised a bit a wall behind the grill to create a backsplash and build a little bit of privacy (you cannot see a mess out of the lot). Take a look also at the fan – it is a crucial thing to install on a patio with an outdoor kitchen. Not only it protects the house from the smoke, but also keeps flying bugs away.

23. Stone outdoor kitchen & fireplace patio

stone outdoor kitchen fireplace patio
Outdoor kitchen ideas: stone

Adding a stone fireplace to a galley outdoor kitchen? This is one great outdoor kitchen idea. With the wooden ceiling and rattan furniture, it just makes a lovely area to spend time in, no matter what temperature it is outside.

A wood-burning fireplace with iron curtains is an amazing addition to a stone outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy it you can get more outdoor fireplaces inspiration from my other blog post.

24. A stone outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

outdoor kitchen stone patio ideas
Outdoor kitchen ideas: stone

Stone is an excellent material for outdoor structures not only because it’s going to last for decades, but also it composes so well with plants!

The unregular pattern made by unique stone parts is a pleasure to look at and adds a tone of character to this outdoor patio. To me, unfinished granite countertops look amazing as well.

25. Stone outdoor kitchen with a Big Green Egg

stone outdoor kitchen with green egg
Outdoor kitchen ideas: granite countertops

This outdoor kitchen is very unique. It has a lot of countertop space, a bar counter, and a Big Green Egg.

I enjoy the way they mixed rough stones with a polished granite countertop. The way wooden elements (doors, stools) complement wood is simply amazing. Lighting is also worth noticing.

26. A stone outdoor kitchen island

stone outdoor kitchen ideas an island small
Stone outdoor kitchen ideas: an island

Stone is an amazing material also for a small outdoor kitchen structure. Above you can see an island with a medium sized gas grill and storage drawers.

The composition of polished stone on the countertop and a rough one on the facade looks good. I enjoy irregularities of natural stone.

27. Stone outdoor kitchen with backsplash

Stone outdoor kitchen with backsplash
Outdoor kitchen ideas: stone backsplash

The outdoor kitchen in the picture is very well designed. Not only with appliances, but also storage, countertop space, and even backsplash. I haven’t seen another backsplash with herbs planted over it, but it not only looks great, but also can improve cooking.

This outdoor kitchen is supposed to not be super visible, as stone on the building behind it is the same as on it. If it was placed in front of a stucco wall it would stand out much more.

Outdoor kitchen bar ideas

It is simple to add an outdoor bar functionality to an outdoor kitchen. There are multiple options to choose from, like a bar counter, wine fridge, kegerator, bar station.

28. An outdoor kitchen bar with cabana

An outdoor kitchen bar with cabana
Outdoor kitchen bar ideas: cabana

That piece is a statement! Imagine having a cabana over an outdoor kitchen bar. Such covering makes an outdoor kitchen bar the centerpiece of any backyard!

The way a cabana is illuminated by the ground accent light is worth noticing. That is a masterclass in backyard lighting.

29. An outdoor kitchen bar with a wine fridge

An outdoor kitchen bar with a wine fridge
Sophisticated outdoor kitchen bar with a wine fridge

If you enjoy a glass of good wine adding a wine fridge to your outdoor kitchen bar is an excellent idea. This way your wine can always taste best.

There is a number of things to get inspired by in this outdoor kitchen bar. First of all a glass fence around the pool – it does not take from the view but makes the whole area much safer. Second of all sliding patio doors are amazing for creating an indoor-outdoor experience. And these mirrors above the counter? Amazing!

30. An outdoor kitchen bar at table level

l-shaped outdoor kitchen with bar luxurious
An outdoor kitchen bar at sitting level

Having an outdoor kitchen bar counter at sitting level is really an excellent idea. First of all, it can do double duty and work as a dining space. Second of all, a person in a wheelchair can use the area comfortably too. Older people also find a standard sitting level a comfortable choice.

a sink-in outdoor kitchen bar
An outdoor kitchen ideas: sink-in bar

And when a host is on a sink-in level, he can comfortably talk with guests while serving them drinks. What is not to love about this space?

31. An ultimate outdoor kitchen bar with a pergola

outdoor kitchen ideas bar pergola
Outdoor kitchen ideas: bar with a pergola

A bar can be a central point of an outdoor kitchen area. An outdoor kitchen area in the picture consists out of a pizza oven wall (with a clock), a grill area (behind the bar), and a central outdoor bar with a pergola. If you dream about creating an ultimate outdoor kitchen space this can really be a way to go.

This bar has everything, a kegerator, a wine refrigerator, plenty of sitting space, 3 types of lighting (which are hard proof it is used on daily basis), and a pergola. Who wouldn’t like to chill in this place?

32. A simple outdoor kitchen bar

a small l-shaped outdoor kitchen with bar
A simple outdoor kitchen bar

Not every outdoor kitchen bar needs to be luxurious. Sometimes a simple solution is good enough.

In the picture above you can see an outdoor kitchen with a bar counter, which is simple, but functional. It can work as a dining area as well as a bar. As the construction is inexpensive there is no sink nor refrigerator installed, but adding a cooler box under the countertop can fix this issue with about $50.

33. An outdoor kitchen bar at the pool

Grand outdoor kitchen bar at the pool
outdoor kitchen bar at the pool

The pool area is a dreamy location for an outdoor bar. The one in the picture has a counter for 5 people, a refrigerator, and a sink.

For such a location, it is worth considering under sink water filter system installation. This way drinking water is always going to be accessible on the spot.

Outdoor kitchen at the pool

A pool area is a great location for an outdoor kitchen. There are plenty of options for an outdoor kitchen at the pool, including the movable one.

34. A pool with an outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen island at the pool
An outdoor kitchen island at the pool

Placing an outdoor kitchen in some distance from the house has plenty of advantages. First of all, it’s safer, as in the case of fire, the house is less likely to catch it. Second of all, you do not have to use a hood which reduces cost.

This one is equipped with a big grill and a burner. I would add an outdoor cart to this outdoor kitchen to increase countertop space.

35. A covered pool outdoor kitchen

an l-shaped outdoor kitchen at the pool
Jacksonville Beach Florida USA, Pipas Imagery1

An outdoor kitchen in a picture is a great example of an outdoor kitchen located close to the pool. The central point of this design is obviously grill, but what is worth noticing is a refrigerator for beverages, a much-wanted appliance in this location.

What is unique about this outdoor kitchen is grill placement. It’s non-standard, but for a TV fan can make grilling more entertaining.

36. A pool outdoor kitchen with a bar counter

a pool outdoor kitchen with a bar counter
Pool outdoor kitchen with a bar counter

Locating an outdoor kitchen at some distance from the pool can be a wise option when cooking is the main purpose of an outdoor kitchen. Even though an outdoor kitchen in the picture has a dining counter, a table needs to be added for greater gatherings. And it can be placed in front of an outdoor kitchen to make cooking and entertaining guests at the same time possible.

This outdoor kitchen has a too-small distance between appliances. As it is the main reason for remodeling it’s worth adding a proper amount of space on the sides of appliances. You can learn more in my outdoor kitchen dimensions post (I couldn’t find one that had all the dimensions in it so I researched the subject and wrote one).

37. Attached to the house outdoor kitchen

pool outdoor kitchen ideas: attached to the house
pool outdoor kitchen ideas: attached to the house

Attaching the outdoor kitchen to the house can actually be an excellent idea. Not only it looks coherent, as you can mimic the house exterior with an outdoor kitchen finish, but also it is usually cheaper to build and saves space.

What is important there is to not cover windows with it, as nobody wants to live in a cave (well, maybe some people still feel the urge, but most of us enjoy light during the day).

38. A pool outdoor kitchen at the fence

A pool outdoor kitchen at the fence
Pool outdoor kitchen ideas: at the fence

Attaching an outdoor kitchen to the fence is a way to not eat a lot of space on a small lot. As it requires a permit it might not be possible at every location, but if your mind is set on such a solution you can always choose a movable structure (as they’re not permanent in most locations they’re permit-free).

39. A sink-in pool outdoor kitchen

A sink-in pool outdoor kitchen
A pool outdoor kitchen ideas: sink-in

There are plenty of fans of multilevel flooring, and you can have it in your outdoor kitchen too! The great advantage of it is being able to serve drinks and food on the level or guests while they’re using regular chairs, as not everybody is into bar stools.

40. Movable outdoor kitchen at the pool

Movable outdoor kitchen at the pool
Pool outdoor kitchen ideas: movable

You want to have an outdoor kitchen close to your pool, but just occasionally? Choosing a movable outdoor kitchen can be a great solution! This way you can have an outdoor kitchen even on a relatively small lot.

This is not the only advantage of a movable outdoor kitchen. To have one usually no permit is needed (as it is not permanent). Also they’re very low maintenance.

41. A covered outdoor kitchen at the pool

outdoor kitchen pool covered
pool outdoor kitchen ideas: covered

A covered outdoor kitchen close to the pool can provide a much-wanted shade during sunny days. It actually is a great idea to add a roof on the side of a pool big enough so you can put not only an outdoor kitchen under it but also a dining set.

Outdoor kitchen layout ideas

There are plenty of outdoor kitchen layouts to choose from, like an island, an L-shaped, a U-shaped, a galley, and against the wall.

42. An outdoor kitchen island with a pergola

An outdoor kitchen island with a pergola
Outdoor kitchen layout ideas: an island

An island can actually be the smallest possible outdoor kitchen. It can consist only of countertop space and a grill. It can also supplement medium & large outdoor kitchens and reflect more the indoor kitchen set-up.

What is amazing about this shape is that it can fit most of the spaces. If you’re looking for something simple and your budget is limited, this is the way to go.

43. A detached L-shaped outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas l-shaped
outdoor kitchen ideas: l-shaped

An L-shape is a widespread layout for an outdoor kitchen. And there is a reason for it. It works great on patios, decks, and under gazebos.

This desert outdoor kitchen is detached from the house and has a bar counter all around it. If your space is limited, but you want to be able to sit a bunch of people at the same time this can inspire you.

44. A patio l-shaped outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas: l-shaped on the patio

A patio is a common location for an outdoor kitchen and very often the shape of the choice is L. The reason for that is not only limited space but also functionality.

While designing an outdoor kitchen, it’s worth thinking about entertaining. Suppose there is a way to situate an outdoor kitchen, so the chef faces guests and family members. That is a way to go and a move that will build a drama for backyard parties.

45. An all-in-one L-shaped outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas: an l-shaped with sitting area

An L-shape is excellent for a multipurpose structure. An outdoor kitchen above has a grill, a burner, a sink, and a sitting area all is a relatively small space.

Cooking is not the only purpose of it. It does a double-duty as not only an outdoor kitchen but also a potting bench. Just take a look.

46. A small U-shaped outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas u-shape small
small outdoor kitchen ideas: u-shaped

A U-shape is usually used for medium and big structures, but it can do small too. The main feature of this shape is a lot of countertop space. If one likes to have a lot of it while cooking, as I do, this shape is going to be an excellent choice.

47. An ultimate U-shaped outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas u-shape large
outdoor kitchen ideas: large u-shaped

The U-shape outdoor kitchen works well in spaces that have to be separated according to safety, like the top of the hill or cliff. You can see an additional barrier located on the right side of this outdoor kitchen. Even though construction in such spaces is more difficult the view makes it so worth it!

The one in the picture is a big structure with plenty of countertop space, storage, a grill, burner, sink, refrigerator, a bar counter, and a roof. It is super convenient and luxurious. Just imagine cooking with this view!

48. A galley outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas: a galley
outdoor kitchen ideas: a galley

A galley is a shape that mimics a lot of indoor kitchen trends. It works excellent for everybody who enjoys a lot of countertop space, but also likes the modern style, which galley suits better than a U-shape.

49. Against the wall traditional outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas against the wall
outdoor kitchen ideas: against the wall

If you have a patio wall you can use for an outdoor kitchen it is very often going to be the best spot to locate it. It’s convenient for hosts as well as their guests, as the inside of the house with restroom and kitchen is close.

Locating an outdoor kitchen close to the house can be a way to cut costs on construction and appliances. If an outdoor kitchen is located next to the indoor one, a fridge, burners, and sink can be omitted in design. In the picture above they’re able to fit add an outdoor fireplace, but with the bare eye, you can see that spaces between appliances are too small aka it is not a very comfortable space to cook at.

Outdoor kitchen ideas on a deck

Usually a great advantage of the deck is a view. The challenge can be a limited space. Below I chose few deck outdoor kitchens inspirations.

50. A small deck outdoor kitchen with a roof

L-shaped outdoor kitchen with roof
Outdoor kitchen ideas: a roof over the deck

This is no secret that outdoor kitchen appliances are going to last longer when covered either with roof or a tarp. Here a roof is added only above a grill and a burner.

This outdoor kitchen is also an example of a well-planned small deck outdoor kitchen. There is a grill, a burner, a sink, and a countertop space.

51. A wooden deck outdoor kitchen

woodenoutdoor kitchen on a deck
wooden outdoor kitchen on a deck

This outdoor kitchen is simply fantastic! It has plenty of storage space, countertop space, a large grill, and a sink. With a stone countertop, it looks amazing!

52. A narrow deck outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be created even on a narrow patio, it may occur though it may have to be in two parts. The main one with the grill is attached to the wall, and the refrigerator sink combo is separate.

To me, it is amazing how they enlarge this space with the decor above the grill. Amazing!

If you want to get to know more about outdoor kitchen on a deck I wrote an entire article about them. There are plenty of things to check prior to construction, as not every deck can handle additional weight.

Rustic outdoor kitchen

Having a rustic outdoor kitchen is a dream of many people. Below you’ll find great designs that can inspire you a lot.

53. Rustic outdoor kitchen under gazebo

rustic outdoor kitchen ideas
A large rustic outdoor kitchen

There are so many things in this design that can inspire: unregular countertops, stacked stone over the smoker, an antique sink, the gazebo, or the brick floor. All of it makes this outdoor kitchen a unique space. Truly one of a kind.

What might be an easy thing to take from this design is a shelf on the eye level, that you can put decor on.

54. Rustic outdoor kitchen on the deck

Rustic outdoor kitchen on the deck
Rustic outdoor kitchen ideas: brick countertop

Rustic can be done not only on a patio but also on the deck. Check out this simple brick outdoor kitchen. It still needs a bit of decorating, but it is not only functional but beautiful as well.

The idea to steal from this design is using lighting to style the space. Take a look at the chandelier above the table. The wall lamp close to the sink is less visible, but still in style.

55. Rustic outdoor grill station

a rustic outdoor grill station
A rustic outdoor grill station

Not every rustic style enthusiast needs a full size outdoor kitchen. A grill station in the picture above is small, but has a comfortable countertop space to use for cooking (again finished with bricks).

The style here is stressed with lamps. It has to look amazing after sunset.

56. Rustic outdoor kitchen with grill and pizza oven

Rustic outdoor kitchen with grill and pizza oven
Rustic outdoor kitchen with grill and pizza oven

This traditional brick structure screams Europe and was inspired by outdoor kitchens of the past. It looks amazing and has so much function! With a massive wooden outdoor table, it can be a really functional outdoor cooking space.

Modern outdoor kitchen ideas

Modern outdoor kitchens look best close to modern houses, and it is the easiest to create them in such spaces. The reason is they reflect both lines and materials of the exterior and interior of the house.

57. A modern outdoor kitchen patio

Modern is all about the lines and so is this design. There are two types of vertical lines – rounded and straight. The countertop, shelf above it, cabinet doors, and roof create horizontal lines. The arch below the ceiling, window, grill, and smoker, on the contrary, are rounded. This combination creates a modern vibe.

Materials are traditional, but light fixtures are modern. Well done mixes usually look the best.

58. A modern outdoor kitchen galley

It might seem odd, but some shapes work better for modern outdoor kitchens, and some are less fortunate for this specific style. Along the wall, an island and a gallery shape help show lines, which most often helps with the style. The white stripe between the outdoor kitchen and wooden decor on the wall is another strong line in the design.

I enjoy the mix of countertop materials (stone and concrete), as well as structured wooden wall illumination.

59. Modern outdoor kitchen with pendant lights

What helps with creating a modern style outdoors is lighting. The great idea is to keep fixtures simple, monochromatic and to install them in line.

Type of materials is as important as colors used. The modern style works great with a bold monochromatic palette. What is important, this sort of materials and colors are going to age well.

If you’re looking for more modern outdoor kitchen ideas, feel welcome to get to know 11 more from the post I wrote. It is available here.

Country outdoor kitchen ideas

Outdoor kitchens are an amazing addition to country houses, as they, on average, have bigger lots. No stress with space means country outdoor kitchens can incorporate basically any appliances owners dream about – from Argentinian grill to pizza oven. Everything is an option.

60. An outdoor kitchen in the woods

country outdoor kitchen ideas
Country outdoor kitchen ideas

This outdoor kitchen is placed on a deck basically in the woods. It has plenty of countertop space, as well as a built-in grill, and lighting. The wood finish, on both the deck and the kitchen, looks amazing between the trees.

If you live in a climate that gets chilly at times there is an idea in the picture especially for you – a gas heater. This device can elongate your grilling season massively.

61. A country outdoor kitchen gazebo

country outdoor kitchen ideas gazebo log
Country outdoor kitchen ideas: Log Gazebo

Log gazebos are long-lasting solutions that work well with style and protect appliances and guests from elements. Installing a gazebo enables hanging chandeliers, which also work well with style.

The wood composes here very well with the stone an outdoor kitchen is made out of.

62. Outdoor grill station with triangle dining table

country outdoor kitchen ideas stone wood
Country outdoor kitchen ideas: wood&stone

Wood and stone are excellent materials for the country outdoor kitchens. In the picture above there is not one type of stone, but two!

The wooden dining area adds a lot of color to this space but also is very useful.

63. Country outdoor kitchen on the patio

country outdoor kitchen on the patio
Country outdoor kitchen ideas: tree root table

Country can be added to an outdoor kitchen with decor. The one in the picture is pretty neutral, but with a rusted chandelier with chicken and root tree table, it is country rustic.

Now it’s your turn

I hope you found a lot of inspiration for your outdoor kitchen in this article.

Now I’d like to hear from you: which outdoor kitchen did you like the most and would like to add similar one to your backyard?

Was it a stone outdoor kitchen with backsplash, the patio outdoor kitchen with sail shade, or maybe a Florida room outdoor kitchen?

Did you find your ultimate design here, or still have to look for one?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.


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