23 Outdoor Sink Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier [Pics]

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outdoor sink ideas
Outdoor sink ideas

To upgrade the backyard’s design and convenience, getting to know essential outdoor sink ideas is an important step. The life of an avid gardener, outdoor cook, handyman, or pet enthusiast, can become so much easier with this simple addition.

An outdoor sink installation improves plenty of backyard sections, including the garden, the outdoor kitchen, and the outdoor wet bar. Outdoor sinks come in a variety of materials, sizes, plumbing & style options. Cost depends on the chosen option and is $100 – $2000+.

Which type of outdoor sink is going to suit you best? What style is going to work best with your backyard? Below you’ll find inspiration for outdoor kitchen sinks, rustic garden sinks, useful utility sinks, potting benches sinks, copper outdoor sinks, wooden outdoor sinks, and more, from around the world!

Rustic outdoor kitchen sink

This brick outdoor kitchen is eye candy. A rustic sink does miracles design-wise. Even though it is not so easy to find such a treasure, it’s so worth the time and money spent! The most common places for such finds are flea markets.

An outdoor sink in the picture above has only access to the cold water. That is a good choice if you’re prepping food inside, as well as washing after parties indoors. More convenience, so adding a hot water line, can vastly influence the budget. A simple sink can be $100, but plumbing solely can cost $1700.

Traditional outdoor kitchen sink

outdoor sink ideas: traditional kitchen

Sink usually is not a focal point of an outdoor kitchen but can complement it well. This 304 stainless steel round outdoor sink is placed afar from the grill and separated by the gap. Only by looking at the space, you can be pretty sure it is incredibly comfortable to cook or work there. Why is it so?

There are outdoor kitchen design principles called outdoor kitchen zones rules, that specify which appliance should be next to which. The rules say the wet zone (sink) should be separated from the hot zone (grill), with the dry zone (countertop space). As you can see in the design above all the rules have been implemented.

Outdoor sink with a pull-down sprayer

An outdoor sink can be a super convenient addition to an outdoor kitchen, or outdoors in general. This one is pretty wide for a single basin sink and has a faucet with a pull-down sprayer. This is a luxury outdoors, isn’t it?

The important elements in this picture are the cabinet doors below the sink. They hide plumbing, but also give access to it for repairs and winterizing (and hiding detergent, so it does not get into a photo). They’re always worth adding (even if the plumbing they’re hiding is a bucket).

It is quite funny to me, that the main lighting of this outdoor kitchen area is right above the sink. You can see what is the last job to be done. Hopefully, they have a portable outdoor lamp for a grill too.

Along the fence rustic outdoor sink

This beautiful granite outdoor sink is based in one of the Austrian gardens. It composes so well with the brick wall and gives an impression it was there for at least 100 years.

What I enjoy a lot about this set-up is the faucet and the brick composition around it. This timeless look is simple and marvelous. If only you have, or can build, a brick wall, this one is to be considered.

Mediterranean rustic outdoor sinks

If rustic is your style of choice, which I deeply understand, getting inspired by original Italian sinks is a way to go. Both sinks in the pictures are made out of marble but are far from a fancy-polished look. Actually, both of them look approachable and inviting.

Each of the sinks runs only cold water. For plenty of backyards, it is going to be enough. What are the advantages of going with super-simple solutions? The plumbing can be super-simple and inexpensive. You can use a bucket under the sink, or a dry well (if do not wash any food in it, as food particles in the dry well can smell terribly).

The variety in sizes here is interesting. While the first one can be used for plenty of jobs, including washing clothes, the second one has enough space for hands and tiny pots. In the case of sinks size matters, so pick one that is going to suit your needs best.

A double-duty outdoor sink: planting and food preparation

An outdoor kitchen is a quite expensive addition to the house, therefore it is important to make the most out of it. It can easily do double duty as a potting bench.

What are advantages? First of all, you do not have to pay a penny extra for this function. Second of all the height is super comfortable for your back. Third thing is an outdoor kitchen is made out of high-quality materials that are not going to get ruined with soil and water.

The disadvantages? Well, you have to clean after yourself. Using a basin as a soil container is not the best idea here. And the last is it might be difficult to store potting accessories in one of the cabinets, as they’re usually full of cooking pots and pans.

What is crucial though to be able to make most of an outdoor kitchen sink is picking proper stainless steel (yes, there are plenty of types, and not all do well outdoors).

If you want your sink to last more than 5 years remember to buy a 304 stainless-steel. It is resistant to corrosion. To check if your sink is 304 try to stick a magnet to it. If it’s not possible you’ve got your winner.

Stainless steel is a great material for the outdoors but has its flaws too. It reflects light, which can be disturbing for some people. It is also pretty easy to scratch and to make a dent. If you’re looking for perfection, it might get on your nerves. But there is a way to avoid it.

Consider hammered brush nickel texture for your stainless steel sink. It’s easier to maintain and doesn’t show new dents and scratches daily. And it also looks so much more interesting!

Rustic outdoor sink ideas: copper

Copper is an excellent material for a rustic outdoor sink. It ages with grace and looks so unique!

As it is a non-standard material it is unlikely to find one in any neighbors’ backyards. Copper sinks are pretty subtle, but catch the eye with the shine. They look lovely on a dark background as well as the light one.

Copper is trending as the material for an outdoor sink, therefore should you have visitors with an eye for the design they’re going to notice your little treasure. It looks best with the complementary faucet.

Rustic wooden bowl outdoor sink

Wood is not a standard material for an outdoor sink. It can create a statement piece though. Just take a look at the bowls above. They’re something an eye is for sure going to rest on.

If you’re into rustic aging of the wood is not going to be a great issue. Oiling it from time to time though is a great idea, as it is going to increase the longevity of the sink and improve the look as well. The time is right when the wood loses its color.

Silver details complement the wood very well, so if you’re going to pick this design it is worth adding such a faucet.

What is amazing to me is that a wooden sink can complement a variety of settings, including a stone countertop.

Wooden trough outdoor sink

outdoor sink ideas: wooden trough

This outdoor sink is truly unique, and a fern wall only stresses its beauty. And it is not only beautiful, but it is also going to serve so many needs as the faucet is distant enough from the sink to allow filling the watering can, cleaning tools, or even cleaning a small dog!

This kind of sink is going to look especially well if you have other wooden elements it can correspond with, like the wooden mantel of an outdoor fireplace, rustic wooden furniture, or house exterior details.

Plant bark outdoor sink

outdoor sink ideas: plant bark

This sink is in Thailand, and it consists out of an emptied wood log, ceramic basin, and stainless steel faucet. As you can see in the picture, it is based close to a very simple wooden dining area.

What makes this sink out-stand are plants, which are enveloping it. With green leaves and flowers in the background, the rather rough structure looks in place. So if you’re planning your sink for a rather wild garden, a solution like this one is totally worth considering.

Stone outdoor sink ideas

Outdoor sink ideas: stone

A stone, as a natural material, is a natural choice for the outdoors. Not all of them are unfortunately a great choice for the outdoors. Choosing a solution made of granite, or quartz can be a great option though (soapstone and slate are good options too). I made a research on the best stone for the outdoors, which you can find here. There are stone types that, for example, stain easily, like basaltina, sandstone, and marble.

A sink in the picture is in a public park in Thailand. The finishes on it make it truly unique. It is also very easy to see that stone changes with the water and time. It is worth knowing prior to buying.

Luxurious ceramic outdoor sink

Outdoor sink ideas: ceramic

The ceramic bowl may seem an unusual choice for an outdoor sink, but look how well it composes with a dark granite countertop. This faucet and bowl combination screams modern, minimalistic, and luxurious.

I like not only the high contrast of the bowl, faucet, and countertop but also the difference in how these materials reflect light.

Spanish outdoor sink

outdoor sink ideas: spanish

Do you need inspiration for your Spanish-style house? Take a look at this beauty. It consists out of two parts – the clay sink and the wall board. It is actually a pretty clever idea, as the set protects the wall from spraying. Not mentioning it is really catching the eye.

As the size is limited this one may work best for washing hands, but if that is your need save it to your Pinterest Board.

Outdoor sink ideas: a wine barrel

Outdoor sink ideas: a sink in the barrel
Outdoor sink ideas: a sink in the barrel

A wine barrel can become a very handsome outdoor sink. Just look at the one above! The faucet is very simple, the sink itself is a most basic round basin. And the combination with an old wine barrel is outstanding!

This is actually a design that gives plenty of opportunities. The first one is to create with a little money a construction that is the backyard’s statement piece. The second is you can use a variety of plumbing options with it. Most often it is not going to be permanently attached to the ground so no permit is going to be needed to create it.

The plumbing type depends on the way you’re going to use the barrel. If you’re willing to use it as an indoor sink you’ll have to connect it to the septic system or make it a self-contained lift station. Adding connections to lines can get pricey or even impossible. A self-contained lift station is a solution to this problem that doesn’t require permits. And it is movable too!

Another nice option, possible to implement in the barrel, is under the sink bucket. Cutting doors in the barrel is going to make this move possible, and make the plumbing cost the lowest it can be.

The last thing you can add to your barrel is a dry well (french drain). It may require a permit and will limit the use of your sink to washing your hands and garden produce. If that is all you need a dry well is an excellent choice, as it does not require maintenance.

Should you need more information about plumbing options use the outdoor sink plumbing compendium I created.

An outdoor sink for Japanese garden (or a minimalist one)

outdoor sink ideas japanese garden
outdoor sink ideas: japanese sink

A granite sink can also be unique, especially with a proper faucet, or a bamboo pipe! Isn’t this Japanese composition simply perfect? I love how textures of all the elements vary – even the pole keeping the pipe in place is interesting (the way the pipe is knotted to the pole is also interesting).

This is a perfect solution for a minimalist or a Japanese garden. If you’re all about a simple, minimalist look making space interesting with a sink like the one presented above is hitting the bull’s eye.

A fish-faucet for an outdoor sink

outdoor sink faucet
Outdoor sink ideas: unique faucet

A faucet can be an element that makes the sink unique. In the picture above you can see a simple basin, neutral wall, and a fish-faucet with a unique handle. Hunting for such treasures on flea markets can really pay off.

Looking for an interesting faucet is a solution for you especially if you don’t want to add anything over-the-top to your backyard, but like to add personality to your space. The picture was taken in Romania.

Low-key potting station

If you’re looking for a simple solution, that is going to improve your gardening, this outdoor sink station can be a great inspiration. It can not only work as a potting station, but also as a utility sink, or space for dishwashing.

What is crucial for a potting bench is a countertop on the side of a sink. Without a working space this area would be a utility sink.

With such a big tank for water, it is super-comfy to use. If you want to get to know more about non-permanent plumbing types for outdoor sinks click here.

Potting bench with a metal tub under the sink

Outdoor sink ideas: metal tub under the sink
Outdoor sink ideas: metal tub under the sink

A potting bench is simply an amazing solution for a backyard. It can be used to wash veggies as well as to clean your hands and pots. It is a super-convenient option that can be upgraded with storage and created in various budgets and styles.

As you can see, not every outdoor sink needs to be connected to plumbing. A tub under the sink is actually super-useful for the potting benches, as you can use the basin as a soil container during planting.

Potting bench with a double basin sink and shelves for pots

Potting benches bring gardening to another convenience level. This one is simple, but has so much function! If you’re an avid gardener look closely to this proposition.

The countertop is made from stainless steel, which makes it super durable, which is important when working with soil. Two basins are spaces not only for soil, but also compost, or plant parts. (can you see a giant composer on the first plan?) And the amount of space for pots is simply amazing.

If you wish to create a space like this for yourself you may be interested in this tutorial. I find it very useful.

A simple patio island sink

A single basin sink is an excellent solution for any patio (unless you cook a lot and need a more advanced solution). It allows you to wash your hands, prep food, clean pans and pots, and more. This one is so basic i can fit most of the backyards.

To make a sink comfortable it is crucial to have a free countertop space around it. It should be at least 18″ on both sides. It is crucial to acknowledge landing space requirements, as not having them is the main cause for the remodel.

Outdoor utility sink potting bench mix

outdoor sink ideas: utility sink/potting bench

To me, it is amazing how simple is the solution in the picture. A sink and a chair create enough space to perform a lot of things. As it is mounted low it is also easy to hide behind plants in pots, or a wall. We do not need our visitors to know everything about our backyard, do we?

An outdoor utility sink is an all-in-one option that is an excellent solution for handy jobs, gardening, cleaning animals, and even cooking. Utility sinks are distinguished by:

  • lower mounting height, so it is easier to put heavy objects in,
  • greater depth, to accommodate bigger objects.

A utility sink is a versatile solution that can suit most of the needs pretty well. The only concern here is cooking, and as if the sink is mounted low, it may not work its best here.

An outdoor sink station with a mirror

outdoor sink ideas: sink with a mirror

A sink with a mirror is such a rare combination to see in the garden. Which is weird if you think about it. First of all, sometimes you simply want to see how you look and be able to clean not only your hands but your face with water. Second of all mirrors do miracles to spaces not only inside of the house but outside as well.

What differs this composition from the one in the powder room are the outdoor materials. But even though it is not finished in marble a flower on the counter makes the space as inviting as can be.

Outdoor patio sink

Like with any location, a patio sink comes with a few challenges too. First of all, such a sink needs to suit overall patio looks or be separated. Second, connecting a drain to septic is not the cheapest plumbing option available, but the most wanted in such a location, as it enables non only cleaning hands, but also greasy grill crates and dishes.

I like the design in the picture above. The overall design of this patio is pretty simple, but the sink is a really interesting element of it. A sink has an unregular shape, texture, and an interesting faucet. It doesn’t scream look at me, but when you do it simply looks amazing.

Take the look at what is under it – a storage box for detergent, that also hides plumbing behind it. Clever!

Outdoor sink for a wet bar

An outdoor bar without a sink is still a nice area but misses on functionality. Access to water makes not only preparing drinks easier but also enables cleaning glasses. For this purpose 15″ sink is big enough (width can be reduced to 13″) though, as a double basin sink is simply too much for the area.

Most often, wet bar sinks have only cold water access. They can be equipped with a filtering system, that makes serving and prepping so much easier! If only you can spend extra on it, do.

There are many solutions for hosts who like to entertain, and a simple sink is not the only option. Have you heard about bar centers? These are ready-to-use modules that can give you features of a sink and are equipped with ice storage bin, removable condiment trays, bottle shelf, and more. Such a solution takes more space – about 30″ of a counter width, but organizes the space. This one I’d recommend if you entertain a lot.

The prices of the two options vary a lot. Simple small outdoor sink with a faucet can cost as little as $150. The bar center, which is an exclusive option, is $1,000+.

I hope this article helped you a lot in choosing the proper solution for your needs. I wonder which sink is most popular among my readers. Which one are you about to add to your backyard?


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