22 Fun Front Door Ideas That’ll Boost Your Curb Appeal

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Looking for front door ideas that will improve curb appeal? I have 22 front door ideas that will make your home glamorous and irresistible.

There are plenty of ways to achieve this effect. You can create front door décor by adding:

  • planters
  • lights
  • awning
  • trim
  • garden
  • curtain
  • sign
  • bench

You can also change your house’s entryway a bit every season to make it welcoming for the holidays or changes in the season.

Want more ideas? By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be bursting with inspiration on your next front door décor project.

Add Planters to Your Front Door

This may be the easiest way to instantly improve your home’s curb appeal: turn a space near the entrance into an inspiring spot by adding a planter.

You can fill it with lots of different plants: flowers, succulents, grasses, ferns, lavender, and arbs.

What’s crucial is choosing the height and width of the plant. The key is choosing options that are going to complement your doors, such as:

  • narrow entryway – small plants
  • wide entryway – high plants

There are also alternative planters styles that can be used for your front door ideas, like wall planters. Speaking of which…

Create an Entryway with Planters

examples of front door ideas entryway using planters

It may sound strange that adding more planters can create an entryway, but it works. Take a look at the picture: the planters are directing you inside, aren’t they?

The key to achieving this look is having at least four planters — preferably five to six — and placing them in three rows. The widest should be furthest from the doors to immediately attract the eye and show people where to go.

Planters closest to doors need to be placed as close to the trim as possible. The highest plants should also be the closest to the doors since they’ll look lower at a distance.

Add Trees to Your Front Door

Planters with trees accent the vertical lines of your entryway and are superbly elegant. Just take a look at these lovely front door ideas!

In the picture, you can see several bay trees, an excellent choice for this location. The wow effect can be achieved by the look of their trunks, often twisted or shaped in a unique way.

At the same time, they also have trees at the top, so they don’t shrink the space and put visual stress on height instead.

If you live in a cooler climate look for arbs. Short for arborvitae, these plants are cold-hardy and low maintenance evergreens.

If you don’t know which option works best for you, take a look at these doors in Dublin. Which side do you like more?

a blue door and a red door covered in a holiday wreath

Add Wall Planters to Your Front Door

an example of front door ideas showing rustic red wall planters with purple flowers

Take a look at these lovely Italian doors covered with an awning and surrounded by wall planters with petunia. With a ceramic house number, it screams Tuscany.

Adding wall planters is especially gorgeous when your house has an entryway at the walkway. You don’t want to block it in any way: just enough to create a beautified and personalized frame for your door.

Choose a Climbing Plant for Your Front Door

an example of front door ideas showcasing a rusted red door framed by a climbing plant

Speaking of Italy, take a look at these doors framed by a climbing plant. It looks so unique and marvelous!

You can recreate this door framing with multiple plants. A country look can be easily achieved with climbing roses. Other classic front door ideas are:

  • wisteria
  • jasmine (the smell is also amazing!)
  • clematis
  • Virginia Creeper (the last one is a winner for me)

Trim Your Front Door a Little

an example of front door ideas showing the benefits of trimming
Front door ideas: trim

As you can see in the picture above, trimming your front door will have a dramatic effect on how your house looks from the street. You can leave this front trim work to the pros or you can do it yourself and save some money in the process.

If you decide to do it yourself, you can get the materials from your local hardware store for a very reasonable price.

The trim in the picture emanates its grandness to the front of the building. It’s not only pretty massive, but also provides a striking color contrast.

Change Your Front Door Lines

an example of front door ideas with several black side lamps and wreath planters

Lighting can totally transform your entryway. A proper fixture can easily transform the entrance into a welcoming sight.

Above you can see massive classical lamps, creating an almost Victorian-style look. Now imagine if you changed them to a simple and modern style: it transforms the space in a minute.

As I look at them, I think about Andersen’s tales, which makes sense since the photo was taken in the Netherlands. Planters with heathers and Christmassy wreaths make it feel like December. Doesn’t it look inviting?

These front door ideas would make a magical Christmas set-up, too.

If you want to learn more about outdoor lighting design, check out my guide. You’ll learn everything about different types of fixtures to lighting types for certain occasions.

Add a Lantern to Your Entryway

simple front door decor ideas with ground lanterns

If you’re lucky enough to have a space in front of your doors, adding a lantern (or several) is a dashing way to decorate the space. What a pleasure it has to be to visit the house from the picture after the sunset!


Some people are afraid to leave a lit candle unattended for their front door ideas (and rightfully so).

Instead of a real fire, you can use LED pillar candles or battery-operated fairy lights.

Add Some Color to Your Front Door

two front door ideas with a blue and white door and a red and gold door

A color splash can add a wow factor to the front of your house. Just take a look at these pictures!

With white front doors, these entrances would be nice and welcoming, but not so interesting. You can transform the front of the house with a new color in one day (or even six hours if you paint fast).

Going with one color is safer for your front door ideas (such as the second picture), but adding white elements will make the door pop even more.

Change Your Front Door’s Knob

an example of front door ideas showing dark doors with wreaths and fancy doorknobs

Surprisingly enough, changing a doorknob can make a difference in the way an entrance is perceived by people. Adding an up-to-date finish to your doors can make them look brand new!

There are so many styles of doorknobs, one has to figure out a color scheme for specific doors. Dark colors work very well with gold and silver, while intense colors doors often look better with black doorknobs.

Get Creative With Your Doorbell

a collage of front door ideas showing different floral, ornate, and animal doorbells

I’m all for the little details: the type of person who simply can’t stop looking at items made back in the day when people cared for beauty. Can you blame me?

Just look at these lovely doorbells!

If you want your front door ideas to stand out, make your doorbell something to remember. Check out this one below that you have to pull instead of press:

a close up of front door ideas showing an old pull bell

For a person who enjoys having fun with the design, a real bell might be a good option. Kids absolutely love them (though you may not love the way they use them).

another example of a bell for old-fashioned front door ideas

Make Your Doors Interesting With a Knocker

an example of a gold front door knocker on a black door

I love the experience of using a knocker (and believe me, I’m not alone!) If you enjoy classic door design, adding a knocker is the perfect pick.

A knocker can also add a little extra zest with decorations. Just take a look at the hand knocker below. Wow!

another example of front door ideas with a wreath and a knocker

Hang a Welcome Sign

a simple example of front door ideas showing a light brown welcome sign

Hanging a welcome sign is such a simple move. You can easily make one or buy a handmade original from an online arts and crafts store like Etsy.

Combining these front door ideas with a wreath will transform your home into a much more interesting sight.

If you don’t want to hang a wood piece that can bang on your door, you can also add a standing sign on your floor. Check out this standing “Welcome” sign DIY video here.

Add an Outdoor Rug or Mat

a close up shot of an outdoor rug mat saying welcome

It’s amazing how an outdoor mat can change the overall look of the space. There are few rules though to follow, though.

First of all: the mat shouldn’t be as wide or wider than the doors. That’ll make your front door look cluttered and sloppy.

Secondly: the rug should be an additional vertical line, such as an extension of the bottom frame. You can use a rug to enlarge the area a little bit.

Add a Bench to Your Front Porch

an example of contemporary front door ideas showing decor such as bench pillows, a vase, and a wreath

A bench can add a lot of curb appeal to your entryway, especially when it’s decorated with outdoor pillows. It just looks so welcoming!

In the picture above, you can see a combination of front door décor ideas: not only a staged bench, but also a floor vase arrangement, a summer wreath, a floor mat, and even a sun décor on the front wall.

Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

A wreath can be an excellent door décor not only for the holidays, but also for any day of the year. Adding a wreath makes the front door area instantly warmer and more welcoming.

There are plenty of styles and materials to choose from. Just take a look at the picture with a wreath made with feathers – can you see the knocker?

Christmas Front Door Décor

There are so many ways of decorating front doors for Christmas! The most basic way of decorating doors is by hanging a wreath: as you can see in the pictures, you can also add Christmas hangers to the doorknob and lights.

The other thing you can do is add a garland. Either a basic one (like in the last picture) or one with ribbons, Christmas balls, and lights.

You can also decorate your front door planters or add planters with Christmas trees.

Halloween Front Door Ideas

The method you decorate your front door with for Halloween depends mostly on your taste and the way you want to celebrate.

The queen of Halloween décor is a pumpkin. A little one looks great in a wreath, while bigger ones can decorate an entryway in a unique, Halloween-y way.


Bricks of fresh hay complement pumpkins very well. There are so many pumpkin types, so a composition made out of them can look very interesting.

Fall Front Door Ideas

Adding a fall flavor to an entryway is a real pleasure. Warm colors, natural wood, flowers, plants, lanterns, and fall fruits can all be used to create a composition that catches the eye and makes entering the house an adventure.

You can choose non-standard plants for your front door ideas, too, like ornamental cabbage.

In the fall, I enjoy accessories like baskets and lanterns. Without added colors, they usually don’t give a wow effect, but they compose a warm fall color scheme really well. Interestingly, an outdoor rug can add to the color composition (just take a look at the last picture with layered rugs).

Summer Front Door Ideas

Summer is an amazing time of the year when the options are basically endless and nature just looks amazing. Bringing it a little bit closer to the entryway is basically everything you need to do.

The easiest way to create summer front door ideas is to add a summer wreath. You can use flowers, grass: whatever you enjoy and works well with a color scheme of the exterior of the house.

You can also add planters next to the door or even décor like a watering can with tulips in the last picture.

Winter Front Door Ideas

The most important decoration time for winter is obviously Christmas, but you do not want to have a Christmassy look outside for several months.

To me, lanterns are great for this season. I’d use them for parties and gatherings to guide guests from cold outdoors to the warm and illuminated interior of the house.

Spring Front Door Ideas

Spring is an amazing time of year. Plants start to grow, flowers bloom, and there are plenty of colors and life everywhere.

Placing planters with blooming flowers next to your door is the simplest, but in my opinion, also the best idea. Even though plants are going to require watering, it is so worth it to have them close!

A less unique type of décor — but still one of the sweetest front door ideas — is a wreath. A spring wreath can be made out of developing twigs and fresh flowers.

Ready To Try Some Front Door Ideas For Your Home?

Now I’d like to hear from you: which front door ideas did you like the most and would like to add to your entrance?

If you want even more ideas to liven up your house and bump up your curb appeal, check out the following pieces:

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