21 Brilliant Outdoor Fireplace Ideas (Modern, Portable, Steel)

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You’re looking for outdoor fireplace ideas? We have 27 of them, each with a gallery of photos. Find out which trend and style suit you best.

The best outdoor fireplace ideas are:

  1. Make modern outdoor fireplace stand out with color
  2. Add a decor on an outdoor fireplace overmantel
  3. Add a traditional twist to a modern outdoor fireplace
  4. Save patio space with an in-wall insert
  5. Add a sitting-level hearth to a modern outdoor fireplace
  6. Use an outdoor fireplace to illuminate the pool
  7. Enhance the natural patio look with a stacked stone outdoor fireplace
  8. Mix modern and traditional ideas to get a timeless look
  9. Use a contrast material for an outdoor fireplace
  10. Add a TV on an overmantel of an outdoor fireplace

You’ll find 11 more outdoor fireplace ideas in this blog post. Modern, or rustic? Portable? Steel, stone, or ceramic? There are answers to plenty of questions below.

Make modern outdoor fireplace stand out with color

This patio is an amazing modern space. The mix of wood, stone, and tile creates an inviting outdoor living room, and the fireplace is its focal point. Placed in front of the black wall and finished with cream tiles, it stands out even if not. And the same time, it ties the space, as tiles used on its facade are a floor finish too—simple and bold designing move.

How to enhance a modern style with a fireplace? To design a modern fireplace, two factors need to be taken into consideration: color and shape. As you can see in the picture above, a fireplace stands out with the light color. The color also makes its geometrical shape more visible, as it stands out from the black wall. There are plenty of vertical lines (made by prep counter or the insert). Geometry is the key.

Add a decor on an outdoor fireplace overmantel

Outdoor fireplace ideas: modern fireplace patio with outdoor kitchen
Outdoor fireplace ideas: a modern fireplace patio with an outdoor kitchen

This patio is simply an amazing outdoor living space, with cooking, dining, and relaxing sections. The lines are clean, are correspond well with the view. The neutral color palette puts visual stress on the landscape, so it is a key factor of this patio.

What is interesting about this area is the strongest color is used on the recessed ceiling. The floor color resembles the beach a lot and connects the space with the surrounding. It is a pragmatic move, too, as sand is not going to make the area look dirty while it is not visible.

The pattern of a ceiling makes this patio longer, but the fireplace makes it higher. The mantel is on the level of a vertical patio line. Actually, the most visible part of the fireplace is in the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines. Working with lines is key to creating amazing modern spaces.

The fireplace is truly the focal point of the patio. How was this effect achieved? It is the only vertical addition to space that is on the eye level. The flower decor enhances the effect. The stone finish in earthy tones also adds a ton to the area, in a sublime way.

Can you imagine nights at this patio with the sounds of the sea and the firelight?

Add a traditional twist to a modern outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace ideas: a modern fireplace with TV
Outdoor fireplace ideas: a modern fireplace with TV

They must have had plenty of fun designing this outdoor fireplace. The patio area is a mix of modern (monochromatic, geometrical) and traditional elements (beams, lighting). The fireplace brings it to another level.

Usually, the focus is on a firebox opening, but here overmantel is interesting too. It resembles the shape of a traditional fireplace in the facade, but at the same time, the shape of the whole structure is contemporary. Modern is all about geometry, so the TV’s width is the same as the firebox opening width.

Save patio space with an in-wall insert

You don’t have a place and budget for a custom-built fireplace? How about an insert? It’s not only inexpensive but also works well on a deck. To me, portable solutions on wooden decks are not safe enough.

It is an out-of-the-box option, so how did they make it work? As the house is modern, there is plenty of geometry to correspond with. There are rectangular windows and doors, and so is the fireplace. It is also crucial to notice that an insert is framed exactly the way windows and doors are. Fun is brought to the area with the color of the doors and fireplace. I love that it is not the same!

Outdoor furniture makes this space coherent – its shape resembles a house, but color corresponds with the fireplace.

Add a sitting-level hearth to a modern outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace ideas: modern fireplace with a shelf
Outdoor fireplace ideas: a modern fireplace with a sitting-level hearth

If what you want for your backyard is this much wanted “indoor-outdoor experience,” you can get a lot of inspiration from this project. The patio sitting area really looks like part of the living room. What ties the spaces is not only lighting but also the style and focal points of both spaces.

To me, creating twin focal points is really an interesting idea. The inside wall is finished with the same stone that is used for a fireplace on the patio. This design idea really ties the space.

Adding a sitting-level hearth to the fireplace makes the outdoor sitting area feel cozier. And if you feel like getting warmer, you can put a pillow on the hearth and make yourself really comfortable.

Use an outdoor fireplace to illuminate the pool

This backyard is an amazing space. Even before the fireplace installation, it was stunning. Adding a focal point to the area took it to another level (especially after the sunset).

So this fireplace is undoubtedly a focal point, but it also frames the space and divides the garden’s relaxed space. After the sunset, it helps with orientation, as it is also a source of light for the area (look how lovely fire reflexes in the water).

What is crucial for such a project is the proper distance of a fireplace from the water. Take a closer look at the second picture – it is more than double what a regular path wood be. Such distance adds safety, convenience, and space for chairs.

Enhance the natural patio look with a stacked stone outdoor fireplace

If you’re dreaming about transforming your patio into an outdoor living room, this project is something you should look at. The picture was taken before the decorations were placed, so there is no rug under the table or decor on the overmantel.

What I like a lot is a wooden ceiling with recessed lights. It adds so much color! In the backyard, wood and stone usually mix well.

The space for a fireplace was chosen carefully to add a lot of privacy. It hides the neighbors’ house from the view and opens the patio where the view is to the trees.

It is worth noticing how well the stone’s color corresponds with the paint on the building facade. Well done!

Mix modern and traditional ideas to get a timeless look

Outdoor fireplace ideas for contemporary patio
Outdoor fireplace ideas for contemporary patio

I enjoy this area a lot. It is simple, warm, and elegant. A massive fireplace is covered with stone. A similar color stone was used on the floor. What differs them a lot is the texture. Doesn’t it look great? This is a real wood-burning fireplace, so more work, but also an old charm.

The fireplace is a true king of the area. Its position is stressed by lighting. Just look at what they did with a recessed light installed in the ceiling. First of all, it shows where the focal point of the area is; second of all, it stresses the stone’s texture. The warm tone of light is really inviting too.

Use a contrast material for an outdoor fireplace

Natural materials very often go well with each other. Here a stone fireplace adds to the wooden finishes of the house. It’s placed at the center of the patio and faces the backyard. Such a set-up is a bit unusual but has its advantages. The main one is adding to the houses’ curb appeal.

This fireplace is pretty low and symmetrical. The house is visible behind it and looks grander (this fireplace is much longer than it has to be). The patio floor finish resembles the stone finish of the fireplace. The bench is finished with the same stone as a fireplace.

It is worth noticing a fireplace is actually finished with 2 types of stone and bricks. The mix of finishes makes it so much more interesting at closer look!

As the fireplace is often used after the sunset, it is important to illuminate a path leading to the home entrance. The goal is to make guests comfortable to get inside the house. With set-up as on the pictures above, it is done by wall lights, which are already in place! If you’re looking for a guide about outdoor lighting, you’ll find a complete compendium here (link directs you to my blog post).

Add a TV on an overmantel of an outdoor fireplace

This outdoor fireplace is so massive finding a place for a TV on the overmantel was a piece of a cake. It is worth knowing that it takes a bit from the fireplace as a focal point (even this grand edition) sometimes though function comes first.

It can be a pretty complex task to mount a TV at a comfortable height on a fireplace. It has to be far enough from the firebox and low enough for comfortable viewing. The best height to hang a TV depends on its size and couch distance. For example, 42″ TV, the ideal distance from the TV is 76″, and the optimal mounting height is 56″ to the TV center.

Outdoor TV sizeViewing distanceMounting height (floor to the TV center)

As you can see in the picture above, the TV is too high. It may be hard to mount the TV at a comfortable height on an over-mantel. To get other ideas, it is worth watching this video (from 7:26).

Add as many wood boxes to a wood-burning outdoor fireplace as you need

Outdoor fireplace ideas: modern stone fireplace
Outdoor fireplace ideas: modern stone fireplace

If you’re looking for a grand patio focal point, this fireplace can be a great inspiration. How to achieve this traditional, great look? The design is the key.

You may ask yourself why so much storage for one fireplace? Owners use it frequently and know that firewood needs to be dry to fire well. If you know you’re going to use the fireplace daily, adding not one but two wood boxes is actually a good idea.

Using vertical lines is one of the great outdoor fireplace ideas. Multilevel lines made by the hearth, the mantel, the tops of storage units, and the fireplace make the construction more structural and grand.

Place an outdoor fireplace on an accent wall

How to make an outdoor living room? How about resemble the indoor design with outdoor materials? Take a look at this amazing accent stone wall with the fireplace. It is hard to find material that screams outdoors more than stone.

The interesting part of this design is the finish between the firebox and the mantel. The stone there has a different texture and shape. It’s amazing how this small decor adds to space.

If you wonder how to add detail, but space is already pretty busy, choosing a different texture or shape might be a much better idea than picking a different material.

Make your outdoor fireplace stand out with unusual finish

Outdoor fireplace ideas: traditional stone
Outdoor fireplace ideas: traditional stone

This stone finish on an outdoor fireplace is really amazing! It looks natural but has so much character at the same time! If you’re into nonstandard finishes, this one can be a true inspiration to you.

Actually, using a non-standard solution like this one is a great idea if you want your fireplace to become a focal point of the patio. It usually fits better spaces finishes with natural materials, like stone or wood, but can work pretty well with concrete too.

What is surprising, in the picture above, the fireplaces’ finish resembles the house’s exterior, so it is meant to blend. What is also worth noticing is how this stone finish composes with the wood. Isn’t this combination one of the extraordinary outdoor fireplace ideas?

Add a pergola to an outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace ideas: pergola patio with stone fireplace
Outdoor fireplace ideas: a pergola patio with a stone fireplace

Making an outdoor sitting area with a fireplace and a pergola is an interesting idea. If your idea of a perfect evening is sitting at the fireplace, drinking wine, and listening to music, this room is going to be an amazing spot for you.

There are some details worth paying attention to. First of all, the firebox height and size is perfect for viewing it from the outdoor sofas. Second of all, even though this area is well designed, it is not overdone and too sweet. And the color accent made by the pillows and coffee tables is a final touch.

Mounting outdoor speakers on the pergola is an excellent idea. It makes using the space even when the fireplace is not on much more likely.

It’s also worth noticing that the pergola is covered with an acrylic roof, making the space possible to use during rainy weather (and the speaker more likely to last longer).

Enhance the Florida Room with an outdoor fireplace

Florida rooms are such a popular addition to the house! As they’re more covered than a regular patio or a deck, it is easier to use them year-round, even where the climate is not mild.

Adding an outdoor fireplace to a Florida Room is an excellent idea. Without it using a Florida Room after sunset is not as tempting.

There are so many types of fireplaces that can be used for such areas, from inserts to wood-fired traditional fireplaces. If you design your Florida Room with a fireplace from the very beginning, you can choose the type you enjoy most. Later on, it is usually much easier to install inserts.

To make an outdoor fireplace an instant focal point after sunset, no matter if the fire is on or not, it is crucial to add proper lighting. For a brick outdoor fireplace, as above, it is worth installing recessed lights above it that will show off the structure of the finish.

Create a rustic outdoor fireplace with natural materials

If rustic is the style you enjoy the most, a fireplace made out of a mix of bricks and stone is an excellent idea. Extruded mortar joints make the construction look ageless. It looks so effortless, as it was there for decades!

I enjoy a lot the shape irregularity of the hearth. This outdoor fireplace design mix well with the concrete fence it’s attached to. This is incredible how well rustic works in the garden, as it simply works great with plants. Of course, for those who enjoy it.

An important thing regarding more distant outdoor fireplaces areas is illuminating a pathway to the house and stairs. More lighting ideas you can find in my other blog post here.

Use a chiminea (portable clay outdoor fireplace)

Chiminea is a great solution for anybody who is lacking space or budget. The price is relatively low, and chiminea does not require installation. While unused, it can be stored in the garage, so its uses can be utilized for other purposes.

Clay looks incredible with other natural materials, like wood or stone, but it presents well with concrete as well. While choosing the chiminea for your patio, it is worth considering its color temperature.

Chiminea can also be an excellent way to check if an outdoor fireplace is your cup of tea. Instead of spending thousands on a structure that you’re unsure you’re going to use, you can purchase clay chiminea for $40!

A portable iron cast outdoor fireplace is a great choice for a deck

Outdoor fireplace ideas: portable steel fireplace on a deck
Outdoor fireplace ideas: portable steel fireplace on a deck

Iron cast portable outdoor fireplace is one of the excellent outdoor fireplace ideas. It is always easier to add a portable chiminea to the finished space than building an outdoor fireplace from scratch and ruining some of the previously added finishes.

Iron cast fireplaces look great with outdoor furniture with metal elements. An example is visible in the picture above. The color of the furniture and the fireplace differ, but it just makes the design less matchy-matchy.

In my opinion, this is a pretty classy design achieved with a moderate budget, as iron cast outdoor fireplaces cost about $200.

As decks can get really heavy in the wintertime (from the snow load), this area’s portable outdoor fireplace is a clever solution. When the load needs to stay limited, you can hide this steel chiminea in the garage. Such a fireplace is also pretty light, as its weight is usually under 100 lbs.

Add color and texture to the patio area with an outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace ideas: color&texture

This fireplace is as traditional as it can be, both in structure and material. Even though the patio looks modern and interesting. There is a reason for that. The first one is pretty obvious – monochromatic color scheme. But second is using so many different materials to create this place! Wood, concrete, glass, brick, clay. All of that in one area!

The outdoor fireplace is placed in the central position and is the only permanent space with intense color. The variety of brick shades makes this design simply lovely. I enjoy playing with styles and colors a lot.

Warm lights under the gazebo roof make the space inviting. With outdoor furniture, it has to be irresistible to hang at.

What is worth noticing are details that make the space coherent: clay flowerpots and a wicker basket. These accessories tie the space with color and texture. Sometimes so little can do much when it comes to outdoor fireplace ideas!

A steel outdoor fireplace works well with a metal pergola

A steel outdoor fireplace is an amazing addition to this deck. Such part f the house can do pretty well in a coastal house. A pergola with an awning protects well from the sun, whilst the fireplace makes the space inviting when it is colder, after the sunset. These two additions make the deck way more useful.

I enjoy a lot how the orange on the fireplace correspond with the elevation of the house and plants.

Adding additional lighting would make the space more charming. As this fireplace is not very grand building up a drama with accent lighting, that would illuminate the fireplace, or plants, seem like a proper thing to do.

Decorate mantel and hearth of an outdoor fireplace with accessories

Outdoor fireplace ideas: accessories

An outdoor fireplace can be stylized as an indoor one. This Spanish-style fireplace has accessories on both – hearth and mantel. Candlesticks, vases, sculptures can add a lot to an outdoor fireplace look. What is crucial is picking proper materials and colors as well as placing items non-symmetrically. It just makes the space look effortless.

The other popular decorating item in this picture is an outdoor rug. It frames the space so well! This space’s design must have had to be a lot of work, but it doesn’t look overdecorated. Rather calm and inviting.

I like a lot an accent light on the side. Warm light accentuates plants, their color, and structure and makes this space even more interesting.

Make an outdoor fireplace stand out with color

Outdoor fireplace ideas: steel fireplace

I really enjoy the patio in the picture above. It is low-key, everything can be folded and hidden after the season, but it is so inviting! The fireplace stands out with the color. Even though it is made out of steel, it is covered with a white coat and becomes a focal point of the area, even though it is not grand.

This space is so cool and effortless! A delightful place to spend the time at (and rest in the hammock).

I hope you found inspiration for an outdoor fireplace you’re looking for. Please let me know in the comment section which design you enjoyed most of all!

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